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Mit was kochst Du? / With what do you cook?: Ich/wir koche(n) mit einem Elektroherd & Ceran-Kochfelder
Was kochst Du am liebsten? / Do you like most of all to cook what?: Ich koche gerne herzhaft.
Kochst Du oft mit Kräutern & Gewürzen? / Do you cook often with herbs & spices?: Ich koche oft mit Kräutern & Gewürzen.
Ist Kochen Dein Hobby? / Is cooking your hobby?: Kochen ist mein Hobby.

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Soup / Wedding Soup

My hubby and the rest of my family don't like semolina dumplings and that's why I converted the original wedding soup a little.

I took a package of giblets
500 g boiling meat from the cow
about 500 g of soup bones
1 leek (cut into chunks)
a bit of celeriac
3-4 carrots (cut into chunks)
2 medium onions
2 small parsley root
3 bay leaves
6 cloves
5 whole allspice
5 juniper berries
1 teaspoon black peppercorns
little cardamom powder (a little more like a pinch)
Later, some salt

I clean it all, cut it into chunks (the vegetables) and brought it, to the boil with cold water, I turned down the heat and let it all about 3 hours at medium heat to simmer quietly to himself, about half an hour before the end of cooking, I added some salt.

Then I took out the meat and vegetables, and spices, poured it be added through a sieve (the meat can be frozen for stews or anything else, just for later use), because I only needed the meat broth, I pried the carrots, cut them into very small cubes, cause I needed later, to finish the soup.

Now we come to the next part;
The day before I made thin pancakes herbs (chives and parsley once with and once with thyme and rosemary), you need:
120 g flour
200 ml milk
100 ml of water (I took mineral water with gas)
a tiny bit of salt and sugar
and 2 tablespoons oil

Then I divided the dough into two portions added in one portion to very fine shrewd chives and parsley, very fine shrewd rosemary and thyme in the other half.

In a nonstick pan, I let out the pancakes, rolled it up (goes well with aluminum foil) and put them in the freezer (if they are frozen, they can do be better cut).

The next step was fine-ground meat dumplings, you will need to:
approximately 500 g fresh sausage meat
1 egg
Milk by instinct

Then you need to kneaded all and formed small out (so fine) meatballs.
Cook them in broth, and let it be done (if they float above her they can get out), then just lay the meatballs aside.

Now we come to the vegetable, wich will come in to the soup:
a small cauliflower
a glass of asparagus
runner beans (finely chopped)
fine peas (a small can if you cook it enough for 4 people as you want Vorsuppe)
and the previously chopped carrots

Then I cut very fine rose from a small cauliflower and put it for 10 minutes in cold salted water, poured everything off and added them to the broth, cauliflower let boil and added fine to cut asparagus, peas and carrots.
Tasted everything, cut, the pancakes-rolls, which were still frozen into very fine strips and let them thaw.

Shortly before serving, I added the meatballs to the soup and pancake strips and garnished it with some finely weighted parsley.

And now, enjoy your soup blinzel

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@alle User, bitte auch hier das Urheberrecht beachten!!!
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Gruß yve Smile

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