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Mit was kochst Du? / With what do you cook?: Ich/wir koche(n) mit einem Elektroherd & Ceran-Kochfelder
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Ist Kochen Dein Hobby? / Is cooking your hobby?: Kochen ist mein Hobby.

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The sesame-flower reminds a bit of the potentilla (pink or white). The leaves often are used for eye-irrigations in the homeopathy.

If the sesame is harvested, the sesame-stalks are cut off. The stems are hung over mats and stick for a long time there, until the seed capsules are pop open and falling down to the mats.

The husked seeds are white till yellowish, if you see darker sesame-seeds they could be roasted, because roasted sesame-seeds have a darker color.

The sesame grows in Turkey, in India, China, Burma, Mexico, Parkistan, Uganda, Nigeria and in the Sudan.

Sesame haven't got an big aroma, althought they have a high percentage of essential oils, but if one toasts sesame without oil, evolves an nutty aroma. Toasting increases also the taste of sesame seeds.

Sesame-oil is used for margarine and condiment-means. Tahin is a paste, that is pulverized from Sesame seed. Tahin can mix also with lemon juice and garlic, which can be eaten as appetizer. Hummus is a puree, which is used like Tahi.

Sesame-oil often is used in the chinese kitchen, but also sesame-seeds find uses in the chinesisichen kitchen, they sprinkles some sesame-seeds over shrimp-toast, fries or baked.
In Greece and in Turkey the seeds are spread over bread or piquant sweets dessert.

Sesame seems laxative and one can use it as a mash compress. Sesame oil is long durable and doesn't become so fast rancid even in moist weather.

You can finde sesame-oil in soaps and salves, but in lubricants as well.

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Rezepte, Kraeuterkunde, Heilsteinkunde und vieles mehr... » English categories » Culinary herbs & spice » Things to know about culinary herbs & spice » Sesame / Sesamum indicum

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