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Mit was kochst Du? / With what do you cook?: Ich/wir koche(n) mit einem Elektroherd & Ceran-Kochfelder
Was kochst Du am liebsten? / Do you like most of all to cook what?: Ich koche gerne herzhaft.
Kochst Du oft mit Kräutern & Gewürzen? / Do you cook often with herbs & spices?: Ich koche oft mit Kräutern & Gewürzen.
Ist Kochen Dein Hobby? / Is cooking your hobby?: Kochen ist mein Hobby.

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Celery belongs to the umbel plants. Blanched celery prefers warm regions with lax earth while knob celery has less demands to its surrounding and grows in our regions. If the earth which the knob celery is planted in is not well fertilised i will grow wild like celery stalks but the taste will be somewhat different.
Celery is a close relative to parsley and carrots but also to anise, fennel and lovage. Celery stalks and blanched celery are often used in the Mediterranean kitchen.

Celery contains essential oils and monoterpenes. Celery increases bleb activity and helps against rheumatism and gout. It even supports against high blood pressure. Additionally it helps against flatulation. Celery seeds can be used against illnesses in the respiratory tracts.

Knob celery is a real energy bomb with a high level of vitamin and mineral (calcium and iron) and fibers. It improves digestion and is urine impelling. Celery seeds are an old spice. They are brown in colour and have light creasings. The seeds smell of terpenes which cause the bitter taste. The seeds are quite similar from the taste to the celery but more intense.

Celery seeds go along perfectly to vegetable- and fish dishes as well as soups, stews, relishes and pickles.

Sometime the seeds are used in breads, nibbles, or crackers. Celery seeds can also be used as a spice. Celery seeds can also be used to spice up salads. Celery seeds or celery powder goes along nicely with raw tomatoes.

Celery seeds can be found in any well sorted spice shop. The seeds or the powder should be kept away from air and should be stored cool and dark.
When used for cooking the seeds should be squashed a bit before being used so that the aroma can unfold itself. Do not use them in large quantities because the dish tends to turn bitter quite fast.

To get celery salt or pepper ground celery seeds in a mortar and mix them with salt or pepper. When using this celery salt or celery pepper always use small quantities because the bitter agents of the celery seeds can turn you dish bitter.

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Rezepte, Kraeuterkunde, Heilsteinkunde und vieles mehr... » English categories » Culinary herbs & spice » Things to know about culinary herbs & spice » Celery / Apium graveolens

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